Low Flow Weekend Scheduled

Low Water Sight Fishing

Some heavy rains yesterday evening passed through the country last evening and North Central Arkansas was not an exception.  In about an hour 1.45 inches fell according to the rain gage at Bull Shoals Dam.  This is likely to keep generation down for a couple of days.  Although the generation schedule is up for the weekend it is always possible that it could change due to the rain that we received yesterday.  Caddis continue to hatch and midges are prolific.  This heavy rain will bring the worms out of the ground as well so using these flies will more than likely produce some fish.  Many creeks run into the white river starting at the River Cliff golf course up at the dam so if there is no generation the river will stay muddy looking.  Generation is scheduled to begin today at 11:00 am and Sunday is a carbon copy of Saturday.  Monday’s schedule if for generation to begin at 1:00 P.M.  We’ll see what the rain does to the schedule.  If there is flooding down stream expect low or no flows.  However I would expect the C.O.E. to flush the muddy water down stream today so I am preparing for a unit or two earlier than the predicted generation schedule says.

Fly Shop News:

A very large order of Tungsten beads has arrived. All colors and sizes are in stock.  The newest color is Caddis green.  We also have Brass beads by the 100 count in Gold, Copper and Silver from 1/16th up to 3/16 or 1.5 mm to 4.7 mm.  You’ll like our prices so drop by and check them out.  Another load of fly boxes has also arrived and comes in two sizes.  See the pic of the smaller one below in tuesdays post.

The lake level has already began to rise some and I’m sure will rise a few inches.  Any more rain we get will runoff rapidly.  The lake is at 657.52 and as of yesterday evening was at 657.40  After today the forecast for rain looks slim for the rest of the week with highs climbing  into the 80’s  Should be a good week to go fishing.



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