Bull Shoals Lake D.O. & Fishing Report

Just got the latest D.O. report on Bull Shoals lake taken this morning which looks good thus far as well as a fishing report from Tool creek down to Rim Shoals.  Both reports are good.

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I had the pleasure of fishing with Kevin his son Chris and his father Don this morning.  We used the Cotter boat ramp and ran upstream to meet the rising water at Tool Creek.  Our first drift of the day was stupendous with 10 trout hooked and landed and a couple of doubles to boot.  I love it when the catching starts on the first drift and in the first 10 feet and continues like that for the rest of the trip.  It is way to much fun and should be outlawed…  naw!  It should happen every day!  Generation started a bit earlier than yesterday which is why we put in at Cotter.  It’s much easier to run up and try to find the rise than to run up and find that it has passed you up in the fog and then try to run down stream and find it.  Gotta give some kudos to the new cell phone technology as well which allows this guide to see via a webcam exactly what the water is doing upstream and to check water flows as well.  We did finish up the day with 50 fish for the crew and had a ton of fun to boot.  Our flies of choice?  Hopper and a dropper.

Kevin L from MD

The D.O. taken this morning at Bull Shoals dam looks good between the depths of 15 and 45 feet.

Temp           D.O.

Surface            87.6                 7.7

5 feet                86.7                9.0

30 feet             71.6                 14.30

40 feet             64.0                11.9

50 feet            61.7                   9.9

75 feet            57.2                   7.9

100 feet         53.4                   9.20

150 feet         46.4                   8.80

190 feet         44.10               7.80

D.O. was also taken further up the lake at the Frost Point area as well as the Oakland Area and the D.O. levels are a bit less at the same levels as those you see above.

Here is a picture of some trapped fish after the water has dropped out.  It was taken a few years ago.

A Herd of Rainbows

Tight Lines.



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