Weekend Update and Generation Schedule

It’s plenty hot the past couple of days and it’s supposed to get even hotter this coming week.  Standing in the water and wet wading sounds like a good plan to stay cool so look for about a unit of water tomorrow (Saturday ) until noon or 1:00 pm with flows increasing to 6 or 7 units as the day moves on.  Sunday the 1st of August should also see some weak generation of about a unit until 1:00 P.M. with much lower flows through the afternoon.  Mondays schedule generation is calling for about a unit until noon with heavy flows kicking in then a ramping up to 7 units.  As of 5:00 pm this afternoon the lake level is at 655.69  (normal pool is 654.00).  I am looking at the Newlands Web Cam and it looks as though the river is flowing pretty close to 8 units now.  Click on this link to see the newlands webcam.  If you have an iPhone this link will work.  I use it to actually see what is happening upstream if I am wade fishing further down stream.  As many of you know ya just can’t trust the recording 870-431-5311 at times nor should you. Hope this picture helps to cool you down some

And now for a little fish porn:


Dry flies such as humpies, sulphers and caddis flies as well as chernobyl ants are getting lots of hits.  Drop a midge under a humpy or an ant and watch what happens. The especially works well at the dam on weak generation.  Today I stayed in front of the water with a gentleman and his 14 year old nephew.  We figured we hooked and landed right at 50 fish.  Nothing big but the fun and the giggles of a 14 year old. Size 12 olive buggers with a bead as well as soft hackles sure did the trick.


If you happen to be in Bull Shoals drop by the shop as the fly boxes shown below will be on sale for $10.00 Stop by and pick a couple up.

They make great gifts.  Shop early for christmas.  We received a new batch of hooks from umpqua and the 2499 SP-BL in sizes 6 to 18 are proving to be popular and on Saturday we’ll let you have them for $26.00 a box.  After that they go back to the regular price as do the fly boxes.

Good fishing and if you see me on the river the next few days scream hello.



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