Generation Schedule for Thursday & Friday

The generation schedule for Thursday and Friday is up via the telephone but not on the website as of this posting.

For Thursday: No generation from midnight till 9:00 am and two units from 9:00 am till noon.  From noon till 5:00 P.M. zero generation.  From 5 pm till midnight generation will increase from two units up to 6 units and then back down to three units from 9 until midnight.

Friday Generation:  Zero generation from midnight until 1:00 pm and from 1:00 pm until 10 pm generation will amp up from two units to 6 units and amp down to 4 units from 8 pm till 10:00 pm at which time it will be shut down at least until midnight.

I will say that all of this week the generation schedule for Bull Shoals has not been accurate and I hope this info turns out to be accurate.

Yesterday the fishing was good again on the upper end of the White River down to Hurst Shoals.  Orange eggs and more orange eggs.

Good Fishing.

Jimmy T.

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