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Thanks Giving week was my last big busy week before the normal slowdown hits that following Monday and I was fishing with a long time fisherman of 14 years down at Beards Crossing (more on this name later)above the Hurst Hole.  That is the stretch of river that has a dozen or so docks all lined up on the left or the Baxter County side of the river.  I had been fishing this stretch of river from the Narrows down to hurst all week and on the last day noticed this water wheel built inside of one of the docks.

MMMmmm I thought!  Now thats a guy with some kind of imagination and the where with all to get him through the next ice storm or what ever may cut the power to his house.  I guess as long as the dam is generating so can this guy.  Its pretty ingenious and well built.  Don’t know if it really works well but it looks as though it might.

What a way to get some free power.

This past weekend was spent playing with toys like tractors, augers, bucket loaders, barbed wire ect.  Back at work in the shop now with some fishing trips coming up and I’m looking forward to it now that I’ve had a very short vacation helping a buddy put up a fence.

Now this thing punches a hole in the ground in no time.  Beats the heck out of doing it by hand.  Now this would make planting tomatoes really quick 🙂

Then lifts up this RR tie and drops it into the hole like a tooth pick.

Back to fishing.

Lots of generation this past week and the generation schedule has been much more accurate than it has been …..  did I say accurate.  Of  course all things are relevant aren’t they.  Looks like tomorrow Friday just might bring some no generation water on the White River in North Arkansas below Bull Shoals Dam but of course I’m not getting to worked up about it.  I’ll believe it when I see it or stand in it.  Heck I might even believe the web cam on top of the Dam or better yet the one in Newlands hole.  Friday afternoon will bring the schedule for the rest of the weekend as well as for Monday.  If your headed this way to do some fishing it’ll be much easier to fight the crowds as there normally aren’t any until we get closer to Christmas week and the week between Christmas and New Years Day.  After that is a really good time to be on the White Fishing.  I’ve already booked a few days for January so if you get the urge to want to hit the water pick up the phone and give me a shout at 870-404-8906.  Don’t forget to sign up for my very popular shad kill alert by sending an e-mail to shadkillalert@flyfisharkansas.com   If and when this event happens I’ll let you know via an e-mail.  I’ve been providing this free service for 5 years.

What to fish with?  Eggs, eggs and more eggs with a dropper of eggs mixed in with some midges.  We’ll see what happens if in fact we do get a bit of no generation (low water)

OH YEAH!  Beards Crossing.  It’s part of the trail of tears and a man named Beard led a group of Native Americans and crossed the river at this spot.

I hope you found this post as amusing as I did when I went back and took another look at it.

Stay Fishy My Friends

and Good Fishing.

Jimmy T.

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