Twenty Eleven “Welcome”

Ahhh the life of a fishing guide is so tough when you have to hit the sack on New Years eve at 9:00 PM and miss all the hoop-la on TV at midnight so you can get up and go fishing.  That’s exactly what I did and met a couple of buddies to fish the North Fork of the White River above Norfork lake.  I met Matt Tucker of Ozark Chronicles and Brent McClain at Patricks Bridge up in Missouri.  We spent the day drifting down the river and having fun fishing.  Matt was on the oars for the day and I got to fish and not worry about rising water or missing rocks or anything else for that matter.  Brent did catch the best fish of the day which was an 18 and 1/16 ” brown trout which as it turned out was the best fish of the day.  Thanks to Matt and Brent for a fun day.

Brent and North Fork Brown Trout

Here is Brent with his brown trout.  If you are interested in fishing this water contact Brian Wise.  There is a link on the resource page.  Brian IS the guy to fish with on this river.

I did manage to get one major item out of the way for the rest of the year though and that was falling in the river.  I’m good for one every year and I got it out of the way on the first day.  What a relief!  Now I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the year.

February and March are great times for a chance at a big fish.  This 18 inch brown trout was caught in early February sight fishing using SJ Worms and 5X tippet.  The 1st of Feb is opening day on the one mile stretch of the White River after having been closed down since November 1st.  This year the first falls on a Tuesday and the first three days will more than likely be spectacular fishing.  After all it hasn’t had any pressure for three months.  Book your early spring group, family, couple and buddy trips today by calling Jim at 870-404-8906

18 lb brown trout

Good Fishing and book your fishing adventure early.

Jimmy T.

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