Weak Generation-New Anchor

Mike Davis

Mike Davis aka Maddog and I hit the water this past sunday and caught some low wadeable water.  We started out kinda late in the morning and put the trusty Supreme boat in the water and went to my favorite place we call ” The Spot”  There was a bait guide there fishing with some power bait and we waited for him to go to lunch at 11:30  and just like clock work he left out at 11:15 and headed to the dock he worked at.  I got Mike into position and he was into fish right away using his version of the DADT midge.  Then the wind kicked up pretty good and casting into 20 mph gust was not much fun so we took off down stream.  The “Mail Box” did not have a soul in it so we set up there and on the first cast Mike tagged into a cut.  With just about every cast mike had a fish on with his new midge.  It worked on his home waters of the Little Red River and it was working like a charm on the White River as well.  When the “Mail Box” stopped delivering we took off down stream to three chutes and fished there for a bit.  Either the spot had been hammered hard or there weren’t many fish there as we only landed a few fish there.  On our way back up we hit the “Junk Yard” and picked up some more fish.  It was a good 50 + fish day for the “Dog” and his “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” aptly named  hot pink midge.  I was hoping for another BWO hatch or some midges or something but neither happened.  I guess the BWO hatch is over with.  On Monday I fished with a couple from Oklahoma at the dam on dropping water all morning long and we did well with some healthy big bows and a good number of them. This from Mondays fishers. ”

Enjoyed it Jim. Couldn’t have had a nicer day! The fishing and catching were both great. Thanks for the trip. Hope to use the Galvan this Sunday at the Blue.”

Mike and Tammie

As many of you know most of the guides on the White River use old discarded rail as anchors on the White and Norfork rivers.  This type of anchor holds well and works better than the anchors one can buy in the stores.  This anchor to the left is my new anchor and is a rare find as it is Rearden Steel from the old John Gault line.  It is impervious to rust and much stronger than regular old steel and as you can see has a slight green tint to it.  A friend acquired it in the mountains of Colorado.  As far as I know it is the only known piece of Rearden Metal in existence from that famous rail line. 😉

Good Fishing

Jimmy T.

By JimTraylor

I have 25 years experience guiding on the White River and have taught 100's of folks how to fly fish. I welcome newcomers. My casting instruction technique is simple, gentle, easy going and highly productive. All trips are catch and release only.

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It was a bunch of fun as usual fishing with Jimmy. He did get me into a brown as well as the cutt at “the mailbox” but no brookie for the slam. Somehow we even managed to get a peacock story in the mix too.

Enjoyed it Jim. Couldn’t have had a nicer day! The fishing and catching were both great. Thanks for the trip. Hope to use the Galvan this Sunday at the Blue.
Mike and Tammie

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