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A windy day yesterday with gust up to 30 mph sure puts a damper on where a guy can take his fisherman to fish.  Making long cast is a tough move for even the best of caster with  long leader nymph fishing.  We did manage to find a spot or two that was protected.  Thanks to a high bluff at Newlands hole that blocked the wind we got into fish right away but after a couple of hours and lots of sore lips they slowed down. We then moved to Due Shoals at the state park and fished there for a bit before eating lunch.  At the dam it was pretty windy but not so bad the closer to the dam you got and the catching began right away.  Juju bee midges, black midges, RS2’s and sow bugs on 5X FC did the trick.

For those wondering about my new anchor check out this you tube video for an explanation.

Good Fishing

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