The Meat Locker~Streamer Box $29.95

Streamer Box "The Meat Locker" 10 1/4" X 8 1/4 " X 3"

This new streamer box dubbed the “Meat Locker” was designed by the guys at Feather-Craft up in St. Louis and is available by giving them a call 314-963-1206 or order it on-line OR you can get them at Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop 870-445-3848.  They are $29.95 at either shop.  I’ll also have some at the Sow Bug Round up.

This box also has foam on the outside of the box  so your streamers can dry before you put them back in the box.  The box locks with a sliding mechanism and has a handle wide enough for big hands.   Order (4) four and  I’ll ship them for only $4.95 any where in the lower 48 states.

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