Tungsten Beads 100 count

100 count tungsten beads from $12.00 visit the  Fly Box Sale:  Click on the fly shop page for some great prices on these boxes you see here.  We have also brought back into stock a very popular water proof fly box and the Greys boxes are also back in stock and all of them are on SALE.

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  1. On Wednesday, May 11, my sons, Derek & Matt, accompanied me on a fishing excursion with Jim again. There isn’t a harder working guide anywhere, and the day was terrific. I kept kidding Jim that I caught about 15 fish, but in reality, I boated about 25, and I came in 3rd place among the three of us. The importance of boat management is critical in high, fast water, and Jim is rated tops in our book. That may have something to do with why we return to fish with Jim. Thanks Again, Jim.

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