Update: 6/6/11 River Levels Normal The Fishing Is Still Good

Tucker From Longview Texas


UPDATE: Flows were at 7 1/2 units yesterday.  Areas below the C&R area down to Rainbow Hole are fishing much better than the C&R area.  Some of the habitat is down in the State Park and we can see the limestone bottom like we could before the big 2002 rain which is when the Didymo showed up.  Fishing yesterday was superb.  See the latest pictures in the gallery.  Good Job Jake and J.R.   We’ll see how many and how big we can go today.

River flows are back down to the normal 8 units (sort of) perhaps a bit higher.  I sure was liking the higher water flows though.  The 15 units of water were pretty sweet to fish.  Tucker (13) brought his father with him to fish this past Saturday and of course he had a fish on on the first drift.  Tucker was out fishing his father during the morning and rubbing it in a bit but after lunch Dad picked up the pace and began out fishing Tucker.

Sorry for the finger being in the way here but here is Greg with his brown trout.  We hooked and landed five small ones for the day with some bigger hook ups in the afternoon that managed to stay in the water and not make it to my net.  That”s fishing though.

River Conditions:  There was a bit more water in the river saturday morning than a full 8 units.  I did use the White Hole access but not the actual ramp.  It looks as though some of the concrete has been peeled off of that ramp and some gravel has been shoved around.  The ramps at the dam are looking good as is the Gastons ramp. The State Park ramp is also open now.  I’m pretty certain that the river bottom has changed a bit and more so down stream below Cotter.  We’ll see when the water drops out.  I’ll post a more detailed report Wednesday morning.

Tucker with a fish on.  The Greys 4 wt 11 foot rods sure made it easy to cast and play the fish.

Stay Fishey my Friends.

Jimmy T.

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