Fishing Report & Big White Worm

Ok if you are looking for the answer to the mystery of the BIG WHITE WORM see below.  In the meantime I had the pleasure of fishing with two fine fisherman from N. Carolina.  JR and Jake are about to go off to College.  We did fish last year and have they come a long way in improving their skill with a long rod (11 foot Greys Stream flex rods in this case ).  We fished from the dam down to the top of Hurst Hole for three days.  We ended up with about 50 brown trout for the two and a half days.  JR is in the red cap and Jake is in the camo hat.  Great job guys.  See you later in the summer.

The White Worm as it turns out is the spinal cord of the Spoon Bill Cat Fish.  According to Game & Fish and one of the guides I took a picture of who I stopped on the river to double check with also confirmed this.  Mystery Solved.

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  1. Nice Fish Jimmy!!! They all look like they have been eating REALLY well. That’s awesome!! And thanks for the update on the “Worm”. Oh well, if you don’t ask, you don’t know. Curiosity is how most things are discovered though, so at least the guys that found it didn’t just say, “What’s that?!….I dunno.” and that was the end of it. I applaud their efforts even though it turned out to just be fish parts.

  2. So, the BIG White Worm is the product of the Bull Shoals Veg-o-matic…… wonder how it does with margaritas. Thanks for the posts and the fish pictures. Looks like you guys are having fun down there as usual and pulling out some really big trout. Keep it up!

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