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Fly Fish Arkansas is always on the forefront of what is happening on the upper end of the White River from Cotter to the Dam.  From the annual hatches to the latest on the Cicada emergence we do our best to keep you updated on what is happening on the White River. Sometimes though we have to keep some of the info to ourselves for a few days as other eyes  are always watching us and this site.

During the higher water levels when the flood gates were open we were on the water scoping things out and taking pictures and fishing.  From the first opening of the flood gates until they were shut off Fly Fish Arkansas was on the water doing the usual R & D (having fun).    After all it’s our business and our passion and that’s why we do it.  In this information age this knowledge is valuable so we use it for a bit before disseminating this information.  While on the water during the flood gates balls of shad were coming through the dam along with lots of other species of various warmer water fish but the shad are important on the White as it is a major food source.  This is not what we would call a “Shad Kill” but simply an out of the ordinary event.  This “bite” won’t last much longer unless the dam begins generating some much heavier flows above 6 units of water.  At this time though two of the eight units are under repair.  I am looking forward to the full eight units of generation when it begins as the “dynamics” along with a very clean river bottom will change somewhat as scud and sow bugs will become more important (the shop has DW sow bugs tied barbless in the shop) On this clean river bottom we are able to see big fish and target them.  Even on really big flows of 40,000 CFS and some sunshine we were targeting and catching fish we could see.  This is exciting to say the least.  Take a look at the 2011 gallery and you will see the fish we have been catching.

San Juan worms and small egg patterns in various colors are working further down stream and in specific areas of the river with shad patterns working better in the C & R and right down the middle of the river.  Sulphers have been coming off for about a week above the narrows.  Three days ago on no generation water trout were taking them below the dam as they were with the few caddis stragglers.

Cicadas:  More noise on this end of the river and in Bull Shoals with this little creature.  It is a spotty emergence and hard to qualify as it only happens every thirteen years; but as usual we are very “prepared” and at the Fore Front of what is happening on the White River so if you are searching for a fishing adventure you have found it.  Call 870-404-8906  Don’t wait and Don’t delay because in a week everyone else will be writing about what Fly Fish Arkansas and our fly shop Wishes & Fishes has already done.

Fish with the leaders;  not the followers.

Fly Shop News:     Check out our fly box sale on the fly shop page.  Water proof fly boxes as seen in  fly shops and on the internet for $19.95 now only $10.50

Tungsten Beads.  OK so go pay over 30 cents each at fly shops or check out the fly shop page.  Our beads start at $2.50 for a package of 25 count natural beads.  We are below the “wholesalers” price and have shipped to 49 States in the past 7 years.


“Stay Fishy” my friends.

Jimmy T.


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