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Generation on the river has pretty predictable with lots of water after noon when energy demand is up and a bit less in the mornings when it’s down.  You can count on 12,000 CFS in the am and as of yesterday afternoon right at about 19,000 CFS with a downward spike at midnight to a low CFS of 6500 which came up to 16,000 CFS at 6:00 am this morning.  Reports from the river are that the water got a bit dirty with moss but if you got in front of it and stayed in front of it it was a blast.

This info was taken at point 5 two days ago and shows the lake temps down to 200 feet.

Normally this info comes with O2 info as well.  The intakes (I think) are at 135 so it is also an indicator of the river temps as well.  The lake level is down to 689.53 and has been dropping slow.  The water shed north of us continues to get a bit of rain and the two lakes above us are also dumping water into the big tub we call Bull Shoals Lake.  Except perhaps for some rare events I don’t think we’ll be seeing any no flow water until this winter.  So pick up the phone and give me a call to book a trip; then pack your gear and head this way.  To help beat the heat and avoid the hot afternoons take a 1/2 day trip and get the best part of the day in early for only $225.00

Sow bugs in big clear water are working pretty good in certain areas.  The shop carries a good supply of barb less flies to fish the C&R area just below the dam and we’ve brought in dome of the Davy Wotton barb less sow bugs.

NAFF members:  Check out the fly shop page for pictures and more info on our current offer to members.  This info is in conjunction with the info you have received or will receive.  Drop by the shop and take a look as we’ve expanded again with more inventory and a bit of a new look.  Look closely at the information you have and take advantage of the door buster fly box.  Remember to bring the flyer with you.

Stay Fishy My Friends.

Jimmy T.


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