Thursday 27 August

Generation began with one unit yesterday the 26th at 6:00 am and ended at 7:00 pm. If you are fishing the White River be aware that sometimes the C.O.E. does not update generation via the 870-431-5311 number and this was the case yesterday morning so be very careful and do not trust what the recording says.

Fishing yesterday was good. I had two great fisherman who pounded fish all morning long. Wildcat was our starting point and cotter was our take out point as we wanted to stay in the wading window. Putting in upstream was out of the question as generation began at 6:00 am. We ended the day with 60 + fish. Fishing in the morning was the best as after lunch it slowed down. San Juan worms in the WAPSI Worm Brown color for one fisherman and the Dash-2 for Neil the other fisherman. The Dash-2 is a new fly we’ve been experimenting with for a few weeks and has proven itself on both high flows and on no flows. Thanks to Mike and Neil. Dayton and Garret fished with Ron Yarbourough and they as well had a terrific day on the water. See ya'[ll soon guys.

Still working on the underwater shots.

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