Good Fishing-Generation-Lake Level

The lake level at Bull Shoals continues to drop at the rapid rate of just over 6 inches every 24 hour period and at this rate the lake will be at the normal pool elevation around the 27th of this month.  Rumors abound at this time as to just what the C.O.E. will do but I don’t believe any of them.

Generation is weaker during the evenings a bit and amping up to 7 units by the afternoon.  The rises aren’t as dirty as they were a couple of months ago which is nice.  This past wednesday Father and Son Doug and Erin from Texas dropped by to fish (catch) and the first 20 feet of the very first drift set the tone for the rest of the day.  Lots of fish in the net with a few break offs of some good fish with three brown trout landed.  We worked from the top of the State Park down to Tucker shoals with the best fish coming out of the Partee Hole.

                             In Memory:  Dan L. Davis   9/9/11

Love ya’ Man.  Debbie and I miss you.


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