Oh Yeah! Catchin’ Is Fantabulous ~ New Products In

One heck of a week of catching started Wednesday and continued over the weekend with steady flows of 16,000 CFS and little fluctuation to mess the fish up.  On Friday I helped out Dally’s Ozark Fly Shop in Gassville with a 6 boat trip they had going.  Boards & Pig Pin (Air Force call signs) hopped into the Denali and we headed to Wildcat.  We fished our way up to the Dam and back down again hooking and landing a ton of fish with Boards getting a Slam ( bow, cutt, brown)  Nice Cutt Boards.  Wished we had a pic of that 18 inch pig we got to the side of the boat at Three Chutes.  These two fine fisherman did a great job with the Greys 11 foot rods.






Will & Mike drove up from Houston to fish the White River on Saturday and the catchin’ was even better than the day before with fish on the fly on the first drift.  Lots of doubles on this day which is the kind of work this guide likes to do.  It keeps me busy taking fish off the hook.  Those Sow Bugs, Scud and SJ Worms continue to work well on the upper end of the river.

Mike seen here with one of the many super nice fish he caught on Saturday.  It was a CATCHIN’ day for sure with a bit of a slow down later in the afternoon but the fish never stopped taking flies.

Tom brought some of his key help over to the White River for the annual company outing at Gastons and stayed behind to meet up and fish with a buddy but in the mean time fished with Fly Fish Arkansas for a morning of Catchin’  Once again the first 10 yards of the drift paid off with a brown trout.  Good Job Tom.  See more Catchin’ pics in the gallery.

The lake level at Bull Shoals is down to 662.49 as of 6:00 am this morning and is still dropping at just over 6 inches per 24 hour period which means that at this rate in 16 or 17 days the normal pool elevation of 654 will be achieved around the Sept 26   As the lake level drops the 6 inches per day should increase to 7 inches.  I’m not a hydrologist and am only using simple math to guess at these numbers as the lake is shaped like a funnel which is wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom which means the drop of the lake level should accelerate.  It would not surprise me if we hit the 654 level sooner.  

New Stuff:  Gamakatsu hooks arrived at the shop this past week as did the new Redington Waders.  They are some good looking waders for sure and the seams are sonic sealed for toughness and durability. Tungsten and Cyclops beads are also in and on the wall in abundance. Conclave is just a few weeks away so don’t forget to check out the Southern Council Web site http://www.southerncouncilfff.org/ for the latest information and happenings for the Conclave.  

To book your fishing adventure call 870-404-8906 today.  

Stay Fishy my Friends.


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  1. Nice job Jimmy, I am going out tomorrow and I will probably try the upper end. Been at Rim the last couple of days, not as good as your action has been.

    See you on the river bro.

  2. Sounds like some really good fishing going on the White River at different locations on the river. I follow several of the guides that fish the river and everybody has good reports. Great job guys!! Keep up the good work, and as always, “Tight Lines!”

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