Hot Catchin’ in Cold Weather

Five buddies from Houston Mike, Will, Rusty, Mark & Brian drove up to fish the Famous White River and catch some big fish.  Mike as you can see from this picture accomplished his mission with this nice brown trout. After the water dropped out we were able to spot and sight fish to some big boys.  Fellow guide Jeff Moore took the other buddies and did pretty good as well.  As you can see from this picture the morning was pretty cold with temps on the river at 7:30 of 23 f but it did warm up and when it did the wind kicked up as well.  The fishing at this time is pretty incredible and we sure can’t complain about the weather.

Our Catch & Release area opens up Wednesday Feb 1st and I for one sure plan on being there!  How about you?  These fish will have had a rest of 3 months and there will still be some big boys hanging out up there for a few more weeks until most will migrate out and take up residence in the usual haunts.

Get in on the early spring action and book your fishing adventure today by calling Jim @ 870-404-8906  Bring your wife, Bring your buddies, bring your customers and have an outstanding time with Fly Fish Arkansas.

More News:

Our web store is now open so feel free to visit and take a look at  or see the fly shop page and click on the link at the top of the page The Flyfishing Store.

Lots of work is currently being done inside the dam and soon we will be living with the one lane shut downs as more equipment and manpower begin whatever work they are doing.  Stop lights look as though they have been permanently placed atop the dam as they are bolted into the concrete and wired up with power instead of the past years solar and generator power.  I sure hope these new lights work better than the last ones.

Stay Fishy My Friends.

Jimmy T.

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