Caddis Hatch -Spring Break and Kid Fishing

Many of you already know Richard Ramsy if you have fished the White River.  Dry Run Creek is open to kids under the age of 16 and no fishing license under that age is required.  The big attraction of Dry Run Creek is the quantity and quality of the trout in that stream.  It is easily accessible and fishable from the bank or by wading.  This is a unique place to introduce fly fishing to the youngsters and shows the benefits of catch and release.  Wishes & Fishes has teamed up with Richard who is uniquely qualified to guide and instruct young folks.  Success is just about guaranteed on this stream.  A good age to get started is 10 and the cutoff age is 16 so ages 10 to 15 are welcome.  One or two kids with a two hour minimum at the affordable rate of $35.00 per hour with all equipment furnished.  Mom and Dad be sure to bring the camera along .

Contact Richard at 870-453-7226 or call the shop 870-445-3848

This past weekend saw wadeable water on the White River for both Saturday and Sunday and with the warmer weather we have been having the caddis started coming off the water in the afternoon.  In the morning Ed and Steve from Fayetteville were fishing upstream with midges ripping on fish pretty good until the wind kicked up pretty bad.  We switched to the Trans Caddis Emerger and began to hook up again and fished the rest of the day with that fly which will continue to work as the Caddis hatch heats up and moves upstream.  It sure seems like summer is headed our way early this year and vacation planning should include the White River for a family vacation.  In high or low water trout can be caught in some pretty good numbers.  We have Dry Run Creek that is perfect for the smaller ones under 16 and I’ve got to admit the White is perfect for the teenage fly fisher as well.  Many visitors comment on how this area reminds them of the place they grew up in as it like stepping back in time.  Every one is friendly and the slow pace is addictive.  We only have two red light in the whole of Marion county but only need one.  We hold the door open for you and if you find yourself in our local grocery store line with just an item or two don’t be surprised if the folks standing in front of you insist that you go first.  We don’t have traffic and pretty much everyone is chock full of courtesy and that includes our roads as well.

Good Fishing

Jimmy T.


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