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A week ago this past Wednesday saw the biggest shad kill we have seen in awhile with large numbers of shad coming through the dam.  Scott and his son from Mississippi showed up the next day and had a bunch of fun with tons of fish brought to the net and a few really good bows in the 18 and 20 inch range.  The catching was hot and heavy for most of the day.  For a couple of fisher with not a lot of experience they did extremely well.

This past week has been tough unless there was no generation.  Soft hackles and small gonzo type midges were producing well however.  It did rain all night long and into today and as of 5:15 this afternoon we’ve accumulated 3 inches of rain which has also brought the lake level up two and a half feet.  The confluence of the norfork and the white are flooded and the C.O.E. did shut down generation this morning due to much higher water further down stream and resumed generation at 1500 or 3:00 pm this afternoon.  Weak generation of a half a unit is predicted until 11:00 and then is supposed to be shut down and turned back on at 16:00 or 6:00 PM.

See you at the sow bug.

Jimmy T.

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