A.K. Best Talk-Henrys’ Wading Report-

North Arkansas Fly Fishers will be bringing noted fly fisherman and fly tyer A.K. Best to

Mountain Home on the weekend of November 2 and 3. A.K. will be giving two

talks “Fishing Colorado in Times of High Water” and “Fishing Colorado in Times of

Low Water”. As he points out, both situations have occurred in Colorado in the last

two years! The same programs will be presented on both Saturday and Sunday, with

fly tying demonstrations and book signings afterwards. The program will be presented

in the class room in the Bull Shoals State Park Visitors’ Center. We plan to have

copies of A.K.’s books for sale at the event. The programs will start at 10:00 am and

will be open to the general public for free.


We will have a “meet and greet” with beer and pizza on Saturday evening at 6:00 pm at

the George Peters’ Rainbow Lodge in Cotter. This event will be for club members


Henry’s Wading Report:

There is a lot to be happy about, it is starting to get cooler and in a few weeks mama boy’s will be staying home and the real trout anglers will have the rivers to themselves. You might want to check to be sure you remember where you stowed everything from last winter, remove old half eaten candy bars from your pockets and check to see that new holes haven’t appeared.

The past couple of weeks the fishing has been some of the best. The browns are making their way to the redds, midges and egg patterns are working good. Speaking of midges, we have a new one that has been giving some excellent results. It’s called the half-breed, a very simple fly (most productive flies are simple) this is half zebra midge and half brassie. The fly has been doing very well in both the Bull Shoals Tailwaters and the Norfork Tailwaters. Let Jimmy T know you need some and he can send them, they come in #18 and #20 either black and copper or brown and copper.

A lot of good trout are being caught wading (if you want to call it that) casting from the bank or wading just above your boot tops has produced some nice trout and many in the 18″ – 20″ length. With the water running a little bit swifter and the trout metabolism slowing down the trout are staying out of the swift water by either going into deep holes or staying close to shore in shallow water.

If you will wear your polarized sun glasses and stop at the edge of the water before entering you may see more trout than you thought possible. They are eating and conserving their energy. Carry midges, soft hackle and eggs walk slowly and keep a low profile and use long light leaders.

Need help, call Jimmy T @ Wishes and Fishes 870-445-3848 he can point you in the right direction and put you in the action.

Life is good in the Ozarks

Jim’s Report:

Not sure what happened to the “Minimum Flow” of 750 CFS but it seems to have disappeared into nether land since we’ve been getting much more than that.  On top of that the water fluctuates several inches all day long.  That is frustrating for sure but the  set we can do is either wait it out or work the flows out of our boats.  We are also changing flies up quite a bit during the day to keep the fish coming into the net.  The surface action is waning and about gone unless lower flows permit and the sun is shining. This coming Thursday will be the last day to fish the C&R area above the State Park.  As of November 1st it will be shut down to fishing and the regulations in the State Park from the break water of the dock down to the bottom of the State Park will change.  One must be barbless and abide by the regulations for the C&R area as far as the types of bait that can be used.  No power bait, worms, scented flies or bait ect and all fish other than rainbows must be released.  Rainbows can be kept.  Night fishing  also goes away for November thru January.

Fish On.

Jimmy T.

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