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Danny From St. Louis

Shad continue to come through the Dam at Bull Shoals on the White River in Arkansas.  Even on a unit and a half small shad continued to trickle through.  Thursday (yesterday Feb 13th) was a tough day to fish on the upper end to to the fish gorged on shad.  Yes! one could catch a few fish and we even caught this brown trout in the state park on orange eggs.  This is generally what happens during a shad kill but a few days of min flow with out any shad coming through will only make this coming Monday and Tuesday pretty good if the flows are high enough.  I really don’t know how long this kill will last but I figure it will continue as long as these flows continue.  Even some weak flows may bring some shad down the river.  One thing is for sure though; these fish will grow pretty fast with this kind of bio-mass feeding these fish.

Pretty much anything White or shad looking will work during a kill.  Catching the fish on floating shad is for sure the most fun.  Various types of flies will work and if you saw the NAFF news letter there were two of them for January which can be use in conjunction with each other.  Remember to smash your barbs down in the C&R area above the State Park.  If fishing this event interest you or you have heard about it but have never experienced it give me a shout at 870-404-8906.  I have been fishing this kill for 20 years  and it is a ton of fun if you catch it right.  It’s not always predictable but days can be managed to extract the most amount of fun out of this event.  If you want to come and try it yourself fishing out of a boat is your best bet and boat can be rented at the Bull Shoals State Park and 3 miles down stream at Gastons resort.  Give them a shout at 870-404-8906.  We have the flies you need to fish this kill.  Wade fishing this event is not very effective but it can be done.

Stay Fishy

Jimmy T.   870-404-8906

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  1. I bet the White River Demon and the Chili Demon would be killers for the Shad Kill. I can show them you at the Sowbug. Both have Pearlsant braid for the body, with White Hackle and a fire red or orange collar.

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