Fishing Report

Some shad continue to come through the dam and saw a few swimmers (live shad) yesterday.  These fish are fat like footballs.  It’s my believe that most of the shad that are coming through are doing so with generation spikes or perhaps during the evening or night as the takes aren’t quite what they were last week.  However one day is spectacular ant then the next day is only so-so or poor.  This past thursday as you well know the wind kicked up pretty good and created some big swells at the river cliff boat ramp at the golf course.  Needless to say fishing was not so good with only 7 or 8 fish caught all morning long.  We quit when it became about impossible to maintain a drift and very tough to cast.  Yesterday the fish came up on top for shad pretty well.  Tuesday a few came up and my friend Mike D. hooked this bow above.  The fishing wasn’t too  bad but was not spectacular like it was on Monday.

Took this picture this past fall on the way to the river.  This past week we have been seeing eagles pretty much every day.  It’s quite the treat for those who don’t live in areas such as this and is a reminder of how blessed we are in the Ozarks to have such wonderful wild life both in the water, sky and woods.  When you come fishing don’t forget to bring your camera with you.  Gentleman learn how to use it ’cause your wife is going to out fish you when you book your fishing adventure with Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop.

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Debbie & Jim Traylor

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  1. Cannot wait till this winter finally loses it’s hold on us. Most trying winter my old bones have seen. Cannot dredge up one even close in my 67 years. Spring, hopes eternal or something———-

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