Caddis Hatch Coming Soon

Fossilized Caddis

The Caddis are coming the caddis are coming.  Caddis have been around awhile as this photo from the Florissant formation in Colorado shows.  When I began guiding on the White River in 1995 we did not see the caddis hatches that we frequently get now.  The past decade has seen an explosion of caddis hatches in the spring usually starting in March and going through April and into early May.  The term reverse snow storm has been used to describe the number of caddis that we have seen on the White River in Arkansas. So many of these white caddis can hatch at times that the term reverse snow storm sure applies.   This hatch normally starts down stream and work its way upstream with crescendos of hatches on rock piles in the slower pools.  Lower water generation is better to fish this hatch in rather than heavier generation as this seems to put down the hatch.  Dry flies as well as nymphs fished suspended or on the bottom can produce some amazing numbers of brown trout as well as rainbows at times.

If this fishing this hatch sounds interesting and fun then give us a call at the shop 870-445-3848 or 870-404-8906 to book your fishing trip with a highly qualified well experienced guide.

Pictures by NPS

Emerging Caddis Fly

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