Sow Bug Round Up-Fishing Report-Henry’s Wading Report

Last Sat through Monday saw some decent fishing and some real good weather.

Saturday and Sunday began with some minimum flow water, small indicators and Quasimotos as the fly for the two days.  Monday started with some bigger water and shad patterns.  Floating shad with a new Jig Fly dropper #10 HANAK or UMPQUA hook #10 with a pearl white tungsten bead some marabou and krystal flash to boot.  This 18″ bow you see above came on that fly.  Later in the afternoon we did get some fish and hits on black ants until the water came up.  Gotta admit the fishing on top is a bunch of fun for sure and we are all waiting for a good caddis hatch to kick in.  That is of course if winter will ever hit the door and go away.


Henry’s Wading Report

My buddy and I went fishing today, it’s a experience I always look forward to. I was sitting and watching TV when the message showed up on the screen that told me to meet my buddy at the river today.

As normal I got there first and waded on in knowing that my buddy would show up soon and find me with very little trouble. I tied on a # 20 PT midge with a copper bead and proceeded to start without my buddy. Fishing was a little slow, then out of no where and with out any warning my buddy showed up and almost immediately the fishing improved.

You see, my buddy is a breeze or light wind that puts a slight chop or a ripple on the water that makes my fly come alive, when my fly comes alive so do the trout. This seems to work especially well in clear water where you can use an indicator at a foot to three feet above your fly.

Another buddy of mine came wading up and wanted to know if I’m having as much fun as he was and did I notice how many anglers packed it in and headed for the barn when the wind started. Yep, when the fishing just started getting good they walked away.

I have found trout to be less caucus with a little chop on the water, don’t know if they think the chop is acting like camouflage and perhaps gives them a feeling of security, but they sure do go on the feed when the chop hits. Just a moderate little breeze can turn the fish on like nothing I have ever seen and I always look forward to my buddy showing up to fish with me.

Next time your standing in the river and feel the air stirring, don’t hang it up and head for the truck, say hot dog the fishing is just starting to get better.

Life is good in the Ozarks.

SOW BUG Round Up is this coming Thursday-Friday and Saturday and I’m guessing the turn out will be stellar if  weather allows.  Cabin fever has set in for sure and if you are like me you are ready to get out of the house and into the sunshine.

This picture below was sent to me by Brad S. of Fayetteville  as he and a buddy were on beaver lake striper fishing.  This looks like a pretty good fish to me.

Jimmy T.

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