Fishing Report 9/26/07

Beautiful day on the White River with some low water and some cooler temps. By the way hope you all enjoyed the pic of the huge brown trout I posted this past week end.

Now for the report. SJ Worms, Leonards Roo Scud, Trout Crack of course but this fish came on the SJ Worm on a long leader with a split shot in the MAGIC SPOT or for those of you who have fished this spot with me the spot formally known as the Seceret Spot. I guess it still is as no other fly fishers are ever there. (SSShhhhhhh). Casting upstream and working a fan pattern we had to sore lip a bunch of rainbows (100 fish day) to get to this fish. We fished this spot for three hours before landing this fish in 13 minutes or so. We then hit the Mail Box with the same technique which proved successful to the tune of 40 fish for two fishers. Our third spot was the most productive as far as numbers go and we spent the least amount of time in it. It was an insane bite and the fish were loving flies.

Over the weekend the water ran up to two units during the day and hit various spot with the usual suspect hi water flies plus one that works very well. A midge of course.

Looking forward to some more low water and hope you find some as well.

Jimmy T.

23 1/2 inch brown trout

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