Audio Cast #5 Water & Fishing Report- Interview W/Sow Bug and Conclave Tying Chair Fred Dupree

The one mile stretch catch and release area just below the dam opens back up this coming Monday.  February and March are great months to fish the White River.  Currently there are some flood gates open to help bring down the lake levels.  The spawning action is ending and the fish are looking for food.  The lake levels should be down and so should the river flows sometimes at the end of February or the beginning of March assuming we do not get any really heavy rains.  Call 870-404-8906 as I love to talk fishing.  Lunch, rods and reels, terminal tackle, flies are all included in a full day fishing trip.  We will come and pick you up where ever you are staying so you don’t have to drive.

Audio podcast #5  23:10 long  Water flow report along with a quick fishing report and update on Dally’s fly shop Streamer Fest this weekend followed by a short interview with Fred Dupree tying coordinator for both the Sow Bug Round up coming up this April as well as for the Conclave this coming October.

CONTACT Fred about tying at if you want to tie at either the Sow Bug Round up or at The Flyfishing Fair.


To book a fishing trip on the White or Norfork River with a guide from Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop call either the Shop 8-4 Central Time 870-445-3848 or my Cell phone number 870-404-8906

Below are some of the shad type flies we use on the White River when thread fin shad are coming through the dam.  On the top is a streamer.  ON the next line are floating or surface shad.  The one on the left lays on it’s side while the one on the right sits upright in the water.  On the third row are sinking shad.  The one on the left is a marabou and tungsten bead pattern white the one in the middle and to the right are called doll flys. They are tied on jig heads.  On the fourth row is a mink shad fly which can be split shotted to make sink, split shotted and suspended with an indicator or even fished on top.  The bottom row are the flesh flies that have been working well #8’s in golden nugget, steelhead orange and salmon egg color.

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