Audio cast #7 Flow & Fishing Information Feb 28 2016

Audiocast #6 Quick update on flows & fishing.  Then an interview with long time guide Hank Wilson who began guiding on the White River in 1978.   A very enjoyable and humorous conversation with Hank Wilson about early guiding and fishing on the river.

To book fishing call 870-404-8906

To book fishing call 870-404-8906  Shop number 870-445-3848  All tungsten beads in all sizes and colors are in stock as are slotted tungsten beads and  cyclops (brass) beads.  Our web shop has all the bead and hooks listed and we are running free shipping in the lower 48 through Monday if you enter this code fbfreeship at check out.  If you are a face book user check us out here Face Book

Caddis will start popping in March and will last through April. It is a time when once again we get into some hot brown trout action. Last year our hatches were running 4 to 6 weeks late and were not very good. This year the winter was much warmer so our hatches should be on time.

Todd from little rock hooked this nice brown trout on a shad pattern on big water (7 units).


Bull Shoals/White River  Lake level as of Sunday Feb 28 6:30 AM 658.98  Yahooo!  We hit normal pool elevation.  Generation is 7200 CFS or a little over two units.  The few days have seen daily generation drop from a steady 11,600 to 8500 and now 7200.  Beaver is still evacuating water so more than likely we will see some weaker generation until it hits normal pool elevation of 1120.43  As of this writing the level is at 1122.61  And there is no major rains in the forecast.  Wadeable water is headed our way.

The Norfork is at it’s normal power pool of 553.75 and is generating one unit of 3220 CFS. I would think we will see wadeable water on this river before we see it on the White.

Get prepared for our upcoming caddis hatch March through April and into May followed by our sulphur hatch end of may through June.  Terrestrial action often also starts in May with small ants (bulbous bi-visible) or my own interpretation a small foam ant.  We will agin have ant kits with everything you need to tie in one bag at a great price.  All the items you need for dry caddis as well as the nymphal version are at the shop.  870-404-890





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