Fly Fishing On The White River in Arkansas Not just for experts!


For a pleasant relaxing stress free day of fly fishing where you do not have to worry about tying knots, taking fish off the hook or any of the other chores of fishing through out the day. Rods, reels, terminal tackle, lunch, soda, bottled water as well as boat and guide are all provided. We will pick you up at your resort and drop you off at the end of the day. You have no worries as we supply everything for one low price. No add ons, no surprises one low price for two for either a full or half day of catching.   Bring your wife, son or daughter.  Our highly trained guides are experienced at coaching and teaching fly-fishers to beginners.  Our equipment is top notch and the fly lines are new.

Because we pick you up at your resort and do not meet you at a fly shop (Which we also have) you are not pressured into buying anything.  Fishing licenses are available everywhere around the White River.  For any questions please call 870-404-8906 (JimmyTs Mobil) or our shop in Bull Shoals at 870-445-3848 8-4 Mon thru Sat.

Full Day $400.00 (8hrs) and Half day $300 9 (4hrs) We generally pick you up between 7:30 and 8:00 Am


We are now seeing much lower flows on the White River and have done so for a week now.  It’s nice to be able to see the bottom and where the fish are hanging out.  It defiantly helps increase the numbers of fish we are netting and allows me to target fish better.  After spending 20 years on the White River the fish pretty much still hang out in the same areas they always have.  The brown trout are moving back into their summer lies, the bows are also moving into their holding areas.  The catching is not real hard at the moment, but that is not to say that a morning or an afternoon isn’t necessarily easy.  The afternoons have generally been better fishing as the caddis hatch heats up.  These fish then go on a feeding frenzy which of course makes for a fun afternoon.


With these lower flows we are slinging much less weight that with the higher flows we were getting.  Drifting from my 20 foot 10 inch Xstream boat is very comfortable for two fisherman and provides lots of room.  On these flows I  row the boat down stream while you fish and catch.  All of your flies are put on for you and your fish are taken off and safely put back into the river as FlyFishArkansas does practice sport fishing by practicing catch and release so our youngsters can enjoy the great outdoors.  Got a little tangle? No problem.  We have another rod already to go for you so you can get back to catching.

Anyone can learn to fly fish.  It’s not that hard and learn while you are catching!

870-404-8906 or call our Shop in the town of Bull Shoals 870-445-3848




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