Good Fishing~Low Water

Since the 10th of Jan there has been no generation on the White River.  The lake level has come up some since our last rain and both Table Rock and Beaver have come up some since there was more rain west and north of us.  There is some rain forcast for this coming thursday.  Temps in our area have been generally just below freezing and getting into the 40’s and 50’s.  Not bad for a January. This past saturday and sunday I fished with Malcomb and Dr Dan from the St. Louis area.  Dr. Dan is new to and I have fished with Malcomb a few times as he is addicted to flyfishing and the White River.  Dr. Dan also has been infected with the fever especially since he has hooked up with and landed a few brown trout.  Saturday we walked into a special spot on the river and began fishing.  I set Malcomb up with a nymph rig and the unreal egg and Dr. Dan with a midge rig and he instantly began hooking up.  Malcomb was sight fishing to the bigger boys and soon hooked up with a few fish that broke him off but did eventually bring a 22 incher to the net along with some other smaller browns in the 19 and 20 inch range.  After re-rigging Dan with the same rig he too hooked into a couple of brown trout that broke him off.   The next day we put the boat in  and went down stream with the same nymph rigs.  Dan got his first brown trout in and for the day ended up with three and malcomb finished up the day with 4 brown trout.  All in all 10 brown trout for two days.    Good fishingJimmy T. dr Dan 

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