C&R on Norfork To Be Extended

Generation has been around the clock and will remain at a unit and a half until 3:00 pm. Water clarity was poor at wildcat shoals yesterday and below three chutes later on due to a bull dozer which was in the river repairing a boat ramp in stetsons hole. There has been some erosion on the river due to last weeks heavy rainfall. Bruce creek shoal at stetsons resort is much different that it used to be as the gravel bar as extended outwards into the river and on two units of water creates some pretty big haystacks of 2 1/2 feet. Not sure what is going to happen on bigger water. More than likely some of this gravel will get washed down stream on 8 units.

It’s not the 1.6 miles everyone wanted but here is an excerpt from the Baxter bulletin.

AGFC approves expanding catch-and-release area.
Angler sentiments will likely remain miles apart before and after a catch-and-release area on the North Fork of the White River is increased by a mile on Jan. 1.
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission voted 4 to 2 Thursday in favor of the recommendation by Commissioner Ron Pierce. George Dunklin Jr. of Dewitt and Ron Duncan of Springdale voted against the measure.

The AGFC staff had recommended the catch-and-release area be extended by 1.6 miles. The area currently covers about a mile of the 4.6-mile stream that flows between Norfork Dam and the confluence with the White River at the town of Norfork.

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