Winter Fly Shop Flow

Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop (our brick and mortor  shop) will be closed through the winter  on Sunday-Monday-Tuesday.  In February we will close Sundays and Mondays and in March will only be closed Sundays.  However all online orders will be shipped the same day that they come in.  If you have a phone in order on the days we are closed leave a message and we will happily call you back.  

For the readers of FlyFishArkansas we are running a special like we have never done before.  If you think tungsten beads are a great price at $12.00 a hundred then by all

Enter NAFF20% at check out

means DO NOT USE THIS CODE  NAFF20%  at otherwise those $12.00 beads will only cost you $9.60 a hundred.  (please see disclaimer at the bottom of this post ’cause it won’t apply to some.)  Order as many as you like in the US and shipping is only $3.75  I’ll ship you the whole shop for only $3.75  What a deal !!  Sound pretty crazy???  I thought so too!  Offer good till Dec 30th.  IN fact all the the items on our web shop will get the 20% OFF so take advantage of it and stock up TODAY.

Minimum Flow is pretty much a regular daily occurance at this time which for the wade fisherman is nirvana.  The catching is much better than it has been and the water quality is also better.  Red midges in an 18 & 16 as a dropper below an egg or another midge will get it down a bit faster.  Stick to the faster water and your success and numbers will increase.

Disclaimer for 20% OFF SALE:    Ok here goes.  No fly shops or other retail outlets qualify for this promotion. Must be ordered through our webshop  If you have trouble getting it to work go through with the order and then send me an e-mail and I will take care of it manually for you and send a refund either via pay pal if you paid that way or via check through  or  cash with your order.  The Minimum order is $20.00 and if  we ship the order to Arkansas a 9.25% sales tax will automatically be added to your bill (sorry we can’t get around this one but thanks for helping us pay for our new water treatment plant located right on the river).  Most orders will ship first class mail.  However larger orders that fit nicely into the post offices priority mail boxes will ship that way.  Which of course mens you will get it even faster (we like big orders).  If an item is out of stock we will either refund the difference or send that item at a later date.  We will ask you via e-mail what you would like to do.  We will make every effort to make sure you get everything you ordered as we are easy to work with.  I think that pretty much covers it.



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