Conclave Week: Monday 28 Sept

Welcome to the attendees of this years conclave. I hope your stay and your catching are outstanding this year. Perhaps we’ll have some wadeable water this weekend and the C.O.E. and S.W.P.A. will cooperate.

Generation for today is scheduled for a couple of units although the recording says 3 but look for 3600 to 4500 CFS with a three hour bump at 2:00 or 3 this afternoon. The number for the recording at the dam is 870-431-5311. If you are fishing at the upper end of the White River near Bull Shoals drop by the shop Wishes & Fishes and say hello. We’re loaded up with indicators, leader, tippet and all the flies you will need to fish either river. Gonzo flies as well as Davy Wotton flies are in stock. Also in stock and are all the rage are the new Hot Color tungsten beads available in 10-25 and 100 ct paks at prices below wholesale as we are direct importers of these beads. Need advice? We’ve got that too and it’s free…. from rigging or where the hot spots and what flies to use. Our number for your reference is 870-445-3848. Always be aware that the white and norfork rivers can rise at anytime and do not depend on the info from the dam recording or from the SWPA water release schedule as it is rarely accurate.

Good FFFishing and stay safe.

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