Looking Forward: Caddis Hatch

     Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Fly Fish Arkansas Web Site.

       The last week of March and into April is big fish time on the White River. This is when our caddis hatch is hot and heavy. To most fly fishers a caddis hatch conjures up the excitement of dry fly fishing. Admittedly fishing on the surface is a ton of fun. However; for every caddis taken on the top many many more are being taken below the surface. Especially the brown trout and that is a good reason to nymph fish the White River at this time.
       Fishing this caddis hatch is best done from a boat to cover more territory. Generally two tungsten beaded flies are used on 5x tippet with a small indicator on rocky bottoms where the caddis like to hang out. Little or no generation is preferable and much more productive.  Jim will know where to find these areas and how to fish them. Generally the two weeks in the middle of April are the best times and avoiding crowded weekends will increase the odds of catching better fish.  It also helps if there is some sunshine and not much wind.  The afternoons can sometimes be better but sometimes the hatch gets pretty intense and it is your flies competing for the thousands of real caddis.  Then it is time to go to another area of the river.

Jim has been guiding on the White River Since November of 1995.  This website first appeared in 1998.  All images and text are may be used with written permission.   If you would like to book a fly fishing trip please also see our policies:  http://flyfisharkansas.com/guided-trips 





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