White River Bull Shoals Dam

Only 12 days left to fish the area at Bull Shoals Dam as this area will close down until opening day Feb 1st. This stretch of river is only 9/10ths of a mile and the rest of the river will be open to fishing. Temporary regulations will go into effect in the state park area from the wing dam protecting the trout dock down to the bottom of the state park or the creek on the baxter county side. This area will become barbless and all trout other than rainbow trout must be released.
Scheduled generation for today calls for 2500 to 5,000 CFS or 50 MW of power. Look for fluctuating water as it will rise and fall most of the day. They will Yo-Yo it. Egg type flies have been the ticket for sure this past weekend on the upper end of the river as well as down in the Rim Shoals area. Midges such as the zebra and white tail midges (trailing shuck) have been working as well. The shad or white type bite has slowed down. Tablerock dam is releasing water into bull shoals lake at the rate of 12,000 cfs and the outflow at BS dam is less than 5,000 so the lake is still rising and is at 667 ft. D.O. continues to be a problem from the 100 yard line to the first boat ramp but gets better from that point down.

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