Generation and Fishing

Brown trout
Brown trout

Generation on the white continues with three units however the CFS or cubic feet per second has increased some what during the peak generation hours and now is fluctuating from as little as 1750 CFS to as much as 6600 CFS at 7:00 am and again at 7:00 pm.  The lake level continues to rise and at 1:00 pm this afternoon was at 670.57 ft.  Some rainbows as well as some brown trout have begun to spawn on the upper end as well as down stream.  I’ve been experimenting with an anvil egg in fluorescent orange tungsten bead with a white or champagne veil and have had some luck with it  as well as a San Juan Worm Dropper.  Orange and Lt. Orange eggs are also working very well with a dropper.  Some of the takes have been subtle.  If you have fished with me in the past you’ve seen the technique I’ve used to make the takes a little more obvious.  The type of indicator also makes a difference on higher flows. In this area we’ve had 10 inches of rain this month with more forecast for the next few days.  San Juan worms in various colors like wine, tan, brown and pink will continue to work; especially over grassy areas and below outflows of creeks, springs ect.  The D.O. up at the dam has been down a little but picks up by the time it gets to the state park.  This past two weeks some of the fish left that area and moved down stream.  Some of them unfortunately floated down stream upside down.  Fishing has been great.

Good fishing.

Jimmy T.

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