Norfork Gates Closed: Fly Shop News

Norfork gates shut down on the 15th.  Bull adds another gate.

A full seven units of water as well as 6 flood gates are still open at bull shoals dam with an average output of 30,600 C.F.S. It also appears that the lake is turning over with the off color of the river water looking a little stained.  Yesterday afternoon was warm on the water and today should be a little warmer still.  The lake level as of 5:00 am this morning was at 670.84 down just over 9 feet since the 3rd of Dec.  As the lake drops the funnel effect will kick in an the lake level number will drop quicker.  The lake is shaped like a funnel; wider at the top and narrower the closer to the bottom.  Here is the prediction chart for when the lakes will hit the normal pool marks

Fly Shop News:  A new shipment of tungsten beads arrived tuesday and all colors and sizes of beads are available.  Click on the fly shop page for colors, sizes and prices.  We’ve also began carrying some of Hardy & Greys rods.

Greys 10 ft 4pc
Greys 10 ft 4 pc
Greys Rods
Greys Rods

Currently we have these rods in a 3 & 4 wt and are priced at $299.00 and until christmas  we are including a free Rio fly line with your purchase.  The tubes are triangle shape so they won’t roll off a dock or in the back of your pick up truck.

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