Conduit Gate Opened~Lake Drops Faster

At 9:00 am yesterday morning (Monday 21 Dec) a sluice or conduit gate was opened with more C.F.S. pushing through the dam.  I had some fisherman yesterday and was fishing down cane island into the gaston hole when the extra water hit us.  It was very dirty grassy mossy water.  I ran back up to the state park hole and noticed the water was up another foot at it was covering the Gung-a-la break water.  After my trip I drove up to the dam and took a pic.

Conduit Gate
Conduit Gate

The conduit gates are the square openings in the settling pool.  You’ve seen them if you have fished up at the dam before.  I have seen them opened before but only to clean them out and to test them.  This gate does create quite the wave over the settling pool wall as well as some pretty good swells at a foot and a half.  The tail water elevation is 461 and a half and as of 4:00 am this morning the lake level is down to 667.24  with 13.24 feet to go to get to the normal pool elevation of 654.00  The lake should begin to drop a little faster due to the funnel effect and the fact that more C.F.S. are pushing through the dam.  Fishing yesterday was slower than on wed or thursday of last week.  We fished from the state park down to three chutes.

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Good fishing

Jimmy T.

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