Merry Christmas & Christmas Day Update

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas.  See ya’ll after Christmas.

Christmas Day Update:  Bull Shoals is currently shut down.

A little snow over night but just a dusting and the roads are in great condition.

Take a look at this artist website.  I love the way he does his fish. is out of Washington State.

Conduit Gate
Conduit Gate

If you take a close look you will see small white specks in the back ground.  Those are seagulls looking for bait fish.  I’m assuming conduit  gates release water from closer to the bottom of the lake.  I watched a few gulls dive and pick up something.  I ‘d think some bait fish would have to be coming from the dam.  Not saying there is a shad kill here.

Merry Christmas:

Debbie and Jim Traylor

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