Tuesday Jan 5 2010~White River Arkansas

My Mission: To provide a safe, educational, fun, fish catching adventure in any water and conditions.  As a veteran with 15 years full time guiding experience on these waters it’s this accumulated knowledge of the rivers that will make your day a memorable one.

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Generation:  White River 6 units as of 12:00 pm
Lake Temp:  White River 49 f. as of 10:00 am Jan 5th
Lake Level: 664.84 as of 12:00 pm

River Temp: 49f.  Outside temp as of 10:15  19.9 f. @ 12:00 am

Generation Schedule:  6 units as of 12:00 pm with 6 scheduled to run

Summer Shad Kill Bow
Summer Shad Kill Bow

The fish above was caught during a late summer shad kill “03” I think.  Usually summer shad kills are short lived lasting a week or two.  I have seen these summer kills last into october or up to 5 weeks.  Bull Shoals Lake has dropped 6 inches over the 24 hour period ending at 6:00 am this morning.  We should see this level drop steadily and increase somewhat due to the funnel effect.  The lower the lake gets the faster it will drop; just like a big funnel.

Remember when signing up for the shad kill to put SHAD KILL ALERT in the subject line so it won’t get kicked back as spam or junk.  I’m getting some inquiries as to the shad kill and fishing it during no generation periods.  We need generation to fish the shad kill.  It is best done out of a boat.  Sometimes fishing shad patterns on no generation water works but usually only after a bunch of shad have come through the dam and for an extended period of time.  Other flies will work at this time of no generation like midges, SJ Worms, sow bugs, scuds & buggers.

Sign up for the SHAD KILL ALERT by sending an e-mail to shadkillalert@flyfisharkansas.com   By signing up for this e-mail alert you will be the first to know of this event. Please put Shad Kill Alert in the subject line.

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