Sept 15: Fishing Report

Thanks to Hurricane Ike we’ve now had two days of no generation (except for a couple of hours in the late afternoons) low water fishing and a chance to wade fish.  Didn’t use the boat today but drove to a couple of spots.  The first was at Dew Shoals in the State Park and I started at the top in the real shallow water with a sow bug no shot.  The catching was fast and furious for an hour.  I hooked up with a buddy from out of town and we decided to hit Cane Island.  When we got there there was only one other fisherman and he did not stay long.  We soon had the whole one mile stretch to ourselves.  We positioned ourselves in my most favorite spot.  This is the spot where I take fisherman to get big brown trout.  Over the years many large, fat, hawg brown trout have come from this spot.  It is an area rarely fished as there are only a couple of fly guides on this river who even know the upper end of the White River.  In 14 years as a guide on this river I’ve never seen another guide fish this spot much less even seen anyone fish it properly.  The largest fish caught from this spot by one of my fisherman has been a 27 1/2 inch brown trout.  This spot is so unique that every time I’ve had a fisherman in it we have either hooked and landed or have had on a fish or broke a fish off in this spot every time I get a fisherman in it except for three times in the last three years.  Many of the fish you will see in my photo gallery during warm weather come out of this spot.  Today was no exception to this rule.  My friend and I both fished the spot today.  After sore lipping most of the rainbows in this spot my friend hooked one.  He fought it for a bit until it jumped out of the water and threw his barbless hook.  It sucks when this happens but that is fishing.  My friend did pull out a good brown trout from this spot last year.


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