Fishing Report: Jan 22 2010 Friday

Rex from Kansas City with 24 inch Brown
Rex from Kansas City with 24 inch Brown

Wednesday Jan 20th Rex Michael from Kansas City hooked and landed this 24 inch brown trout.  OK it was short 24 inches by 1/8 of an inch.  More pics in the gallery so take a look.  Generation wednesday morning was weak with 7700 CFS (cubic feet per second)  and began rising fast to 13,000 CFS and then to 19,800 CFS.  It’s the kind of rise I know will usually move some big fish as well as the food they eat.  This kind of water just turns them on.  We were fishing with a long two fly rig weighted with BB shot and 3 X tippet.  Rex made a perfect drift over a spot I’ve taken good fish out of before and set the hook like a pro.  It came to the surface  once and then ran to the front of the boat so I kicked the bow to starboard and put my boat between the fish and the bank to push it out to the center of the river.  Rex played the fish well and I netted it for him.  Great job Rex.  Working or riding a rise like this gives the opportunity to drift and area multiple times and work an area thoroughly which we did in numerous spot.  We started the morning at the state park and ended up at the new bridge and then ran back up stream and ate lunch.  A 25 HP motor is sure good for making some time.   The water dropped back down and after lunch we fished from the state park and down into cane island using anvil eggs.  We caught a bunch of bows after lunch and rolled a brown.   These fish right now are fighting mad and it’s fun.

Generation for today is scheduled for 168 MW or roughly 3 1/2 units.  Good for midges sow bugs and streamers.  Lots of good brown trout caught this past week from other guides.  The brown trout are on a bite for sure.  Book your fishing adventure soon and take advantage of the lodging and fishing special for 1 or 2 persons.

Fishing and Lodging Special:  Fish all day. Lunch included as are flies, leader, tippet, sodas, bottled water and two nights of lodging at River Cliff Cabin 35 feet from the rivers edge.  $448.00 + tax of $8.82 on lodging.  Save $100.00 off the regular price.   One person $398.00 plus tax on lodging.

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Check out the articles page.  The latest article is Riding “The” Rise and has been updated.  Next month~ “Sight Fishing For Big Fish on Low Water”

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