Conclave Weekend.

This past weekend was the annual Southern Council Conclave in Mt. Home Arkansas held the first weekend of October.  Attendance was down this year but that was to be expected with high gas prices, high water and the economy being what it is.  My friend Mark L. from Shreveport came up from Shreveport La a few days early to hang out and do some fishing.  The fishing was good through the week on Davy dynamite worm in root beer, red and brown.   Using a long leader  with a 3/0 shot and an indicator fishing on the bottom is producing some good numbers of fish and the occasional brown trout like the 21 incher we landed tuesday afternoon.  Generation continues with 6 of 8 units running continuously.  The lake is dropping about a third of a foot per day.   The highlight of this weekend for me however; is the opportunity to see old friends and to meet new ones. The Free State Fly Fishers of Lawrence Kansas make this trip two times a year once for the conclave and again for the Sow Bug Round Up in March.  This year saw an increase in attendance to the conclave of this quickly growing club.  I first met one of the members 6 years ago at a fish in and have since met many of the club members at this annual conclave.  I had the opportunity to fish with several of the club members this past week as I have in the past.  They are a super group of folks who know how to cook and have a good time.  Over the years I have also seen the skill level of many in this group improve greatly and hope I have contributed to some of the learning process of these fine folks.  Looking forward to seeing them again at the Sow Bug in March “09”. Sign up for my shad kill alert by sending an e-mail to   Jim

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