Lake Begins To Drop~Greys Rods In Stock

Greys Rods Back in Stock.

Greys Rods

Greys Rods are back in stock again with 3 wts as well as 4 wt rods in the 10 foot version.


The lake has begun to drop down again from it’s crest of 662 feet above mean sea level and is now down to 661.39 above MSL.  Generation has also increased and is running at the 20,000 CFS level.  There is no rain in the forecast for this week so perhaps that will give the lake a chance to drop down.  One of the problems that seems to have developed is that moss seems to keep breaking loose and making fishing down stream a challenge in that this moss gets on the leader and tippet.  I’ve seen it before and it will clear up at some time in the future.  A cold front did come through this past week but we escaped some major rains that areas to the east of us as well as to the west of us got.  The front dissipated before it got to us but re-formed to our east and caused some problems for fisherman on the east coast with blown out streams and rivers.  What a break we got on that one.  This front of course did cause the fishing to slow down for a day but picked up again the next day.  Midges are the ticket at the moment but sow bugs and san juan worms shouldn’t be left out of the equation when fishing the upper end of the river.  Further down stream caddis larvae and pupae along with PT’s and prince nymphs are the staple flies of the moment but san juan worms should be in the mix as well.



Our high winds have finally died down.  The cold front that brought us some cooler days and nights have began to warm up as of yesterday with temps in the low 70’s.  Today will be in the mid 70’s with winds to 15 mph. (much better than the 20’s and 30’s we were getting).  Sunday will see mid 70’s.  Monday will bring upper 70’s as will tuesday and wednesday.  Thursdays prediction is to hit the 80’s and back into the upper 70’s for next friday.



For today is predicted at 320 MW or 22,400 CFS and is also predicted to be about the same through sunday morning when generation is scheduled to drop down to 210 MW or 14,700 CFS.  Mondays prediction is for 210 MW through the morning at which time generation is predicted to drop to 170 MW or 11,900 CFS.  We’ll see won’t we.  If you follow this blog or just keep track of generation on these rivers you have learned that the predicted generation schedules should be taken with a grain of salt.


More Fly Shop News:

The glitter thread arrived earlier in the week and is quite popular with some local tiers as well as some tiers down in the Heber Springs area and on the Little Red River as I’ve sent dang near 50 spools in that direction.  Tungsten beads have been on order since the Sow Bug Round Up and I wish I had an arrival date but should have more by the end of the month to fill out the ones we are out of.


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