Conduit Gate Opened. Update: Monday 5:32 pm

Another gate was added to the existing gate this morning at 9:30 or so.  There were 4 units on most of the day and we had the water of a little more than 6 units.  Can’t really figure out why this is and it does not make any sense.  But boy was the wave coming over the concrete even bigger.  I took another video and it is posted in the video gallery so take a look.


A conduit gate was opened this morning at 8:00 A.M.  along with  other units of water to make for a total of 5 units of water.  Click on the video link.  What a wave this thing puts out. It had to be 10 ft coming over the settling pool wall and created some pretty good swells.  It also trashed up the water pretty good and when it hit further down stream other boats did not have much choice but to head up stream to fish.  We will see what today brings in terms of water flows and gates.

The weather for the rest of the week looks good with no rain in the forecast.

Jimmy T.

Conduit Gate on Bull Shoals Dam

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