White River Fly Fishing in Arkansas

Sean from Little Rock with 2 NICE brown trout and Joe below with another good looking brown trout.   The fishing is good.  One beautiful day on the White River in Arkansas with temps near the 60’s.  Should’ve brought the flip flops today.  Both Joe and Sean were great fisherman and a ton of fun to have in the boat and they bot did an outstanding job. Great casting and mending and obviously the hook setting was pretty good as well.  We watched the big one swim over to the fly and he took it.  The fish took off towards the middle of the river.  I dropped the oars and headed for the motor to prevent it from goig down stream on us.  Sean was a pro and did everything perfect.  I don’t think he realized just how big it was until it got closer to the boat.  Wished I had the camera ready at that point to capture the look on his face.  It was as they say “priceless”

Check out the 2015 gallery for more pictures of this monster fish.

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