May Fishing

We are starting to see a sulphur hatch on the White River especially down stream below the Cotter area.  Some action on the surface on lower flows has been productive but my most productive fly for this area of the river has been a prince nymp in size #6 & 8,  I know that sounds kind of strange.  I started out with smaller ones #14’s and #12’s but had some larger tied up for higher flows so I tied one on a fisherman one afternoon a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold it not only worked but we started catching better fish on the durn thing so go figure.  Rim shoals has been good lately with large numbers of fish in the boat…60 or better so it ain’t all bad for this guide.  



I’ve changed around the fly shop gallery and have put up items that we have for sale.  If you see something you want feel free to give the shop a call at 870-445-3848 we do accept Visa and Master Card.  We are also expanding our tungsten bead selection to include some hot colored beads.  They should be in stock by the second week in June and the new colors will be Hot Pink, Bright Red, White, Pearl White, Chartreuse, Flourscent Orange in all the usual sizes 1/16-5/64-3/32-7/64-1/8-5/32 and 3/16 and will run $4.75 for 25 count paks and $2.50 for 10 count paks.  We have also added some Davy Wotton Flies to our fly bins as well so if you are in the area stop by and get some today.  We sell them for $1.85 each.


A good memorial day weekend to all.  


Jimmy T


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