Finis-Playing Catch Up-Fishing Report

It’s been a long week and finally got the boat finished up and put into the water for the first time.  Here are some pictures.  Many thanks to the two guys who you see in standing next to the boat.  Choppy and Joey.  Without them it would have never been built.







Choppy is on the left and Joey on the right.







Food cooler and a drink cooler.  I’ve eliminated the problem of coolers sliding around the boat.

Rod trays on both sides instead of one.

It has been one hectic week finishing up the boat as well as guiding. Below are some pictures of my fisherman for the week.  Nothing big hooked and landed but we did manage to have some fun teaching and coaching some neophytes and hooking and landing a bunch of fish at the same time.  Sow bugs in brown and grey are working like a charm when the water hits 4 units and the palamino leadius emerger in the afternoon on some bigger rising water is working when the sow bug bite slows down.












Nate who is going to make a fine fly fisherman.  Very intense.