Debbie’s Wood Carvings

Debbie is an accomplished wood carver and when  you drop by the shop more than likely you will find her chipping away.  Don’t mind the wood chips on the floor though.  She’ll even let you come in the shop with your waders on.  You might even find her teaching a carving class to a group of students.






Debbie’s is good at faces as you can see in the detail of her carvings.










This is Debbie’s Christmas tree ornament for last year.  She has been carving away for this years ornament.  If you want this years ornament give her a call at the shop 870-404-8906  They generally run $20.00 and she’ll ship it to you  with your bead order. When she gets a few finished I’ll put one of the new ones up here for you to see.

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  1. Jim Babcock says:


    I had mentioned that folk school the other day and then just happened to get some more information from them. It is the “John C. Campbell Folk School ” in Brasstown, N.C. Says it is the home of the Brasstown Carvers, which doesn’t mean anything to me, but you may or may not be familiar with them. Just fyi. Say “hey” to Jimmy T.


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