Wood Carvings

Debbie Traylor is an accomplished wood carver, her works have been available for sale at the Wishes and Fishes Fly Shop for years, and soon they will be featured online in addition to the Fly Shop.  So check back soon for photos and descriptions of current works available for sale.

“2010” Christmas Ornament $20.00 signed

Pictured above:   This years hand carved ornament in stock at the shop.  Add this ornament to your collection for only $20.00  It is hand carved and signed by the artist Debbie.

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  1. Ed Casteel says:

    Debbie carved a gnome for my wife for Christmas, which my wife loved. The carving was great, lots of detail, and fine craftsmanship. Thanks for helping me with getting my wife a special, one of a kind gift.

  2. Greg McDonald says:

    I would like to buy some of your elves for Christmas presents. Let me know when they are available.

  3. Bob Betts says:


    I spoke to Jim over the phone today. An old friend, John Blair was attending the Sowbug Festival and called me and handed the phone to Jim, who asked about me. The call reminded me of something I forgot to ask last year about your wood carvings. I am having my basement built out and need to have a few decorations to give it a fly fishing motif. A couple of your wood carvings would certainly fit in. Jim told me he intends to post new photos of your splendid works. One photo here caught my attention. It’s the old man winking. Do you have a full photo of this one? Do you have similar carvings? BTW, as time goes by, he doesn’t look so old. 🙂 Thanks. Bob

  4. Keith Campbell says:

    When my father first took me on vacation to fish the White River in 1959, we went into several small shops in Mountain Home that had wood carvings. As a child, I was fascinated by the carvings, and I was amazed at how many wood carvings were around back then. When I first went into the Wishes and Fishes fly shop and saw Debbie’s wood carvings, I had flashbacks about the “old days.” There just aren’t many places around anymore that have these carvings for sale. Debbie’s work is amazing, and every time I am in the shop, I check to see what new carvings she has on display. Her work is exceptional! I’m ready to buy more, Debbie.

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